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Why Doctors are Like Primary School Kids

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I was speaking to my girlfriend about how her doctor was cautioning the use of vitamins and discrediting the need for a naturopath to do blood testing to determine where deficiencies might lie.

After some debate about how the medical profession disregarded the thousands of years of testing and live case study that came before them, we came to a conclusion.

Doctors are like primary school kids

Now I get that this is shocking, but here’s the thing.

The medical profession has been around for a few hundred years, but the human race has been using natural substances to heal people for thousands of years. And yet, there is an insistence that if it hasn’t been clinically proven then it’s not worth pursuing.

Dennis McKenna Ph.D  advises:

“It is likely that humans have used plants as medicine for as long as we have existed. Archeological excavations dated as early as 60,000 years ago have found remains of medicinal plants, such as opium poppies, ephedra, and cannabis.”

Now let’s get back to the primary school kids.

According to Alex Brooks:

“The Ayres Spelling Scale is perhaps the oldest spelling list used by educators. First published in 1915, it contains 1,000 of the most commonly used words.”

The first 6 years or so, we get given a list of words to learn to spell, starting with ‘a’ and ‘at’ and ‘on’ and going to ‘sleep’ and ‘today’ and so forth. Essentially there are building blocks that we as kids learn and from there more complex words occur, such as ‘sure’ being supplemented by ‘unsure’.

Crucially, we also learn from our parents at home, through media, in social contexts. If we didn’t do this, our acquisition of language would be far slower and some children would be unintelligible (given poor uptake of spelling and the incidence of dyslexia).

This is where the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry strikes us as being quite naive in their approach. Thousands of years of general knowledge of known remedies is being marginalised, even in the case of cannabis, demonised. The questions are; when and why?

When did clinical trials begin to replace traditional medicine?

Wikipedia notes that:

“Lind conducted the first systematic clinical trial in 1747.”

Over the last few hundred years, the concept of scientific testing and repeatable results was solidified, with one of the major markers being made by Lind in including a control test group.

That of course has merit, but the application of potential cures from natural or man made medicines is not being scientifically tested across all substances and all known possible remedies. It all comes down to patents and how money is made.

If you can’ t trademark it, it’s worthless, so why test it? 

Natural cures and remedies are overlooked because… the medical and pharmaceutical profession cannot patent cures that can be grown in a field or taken from a bush. But it’s worse than that.

Naturopaths and allied professionals are schooled in anatomy, physiology, gut health and the many ways in which the body responds to remedies that derive from nature. They spend years learning this stuff, just like doctors spend years. Some professions spend far longer on these areas than GPs.

Which really resonates for me as a musician, who also spent years on stage, in rehearsal, making albums as well as doing the university study to kick off my career as a vocalist.

And yet, our years and decades of study and endeavour are often considered less valuable that than of a GP or lawyer.

The value of health is lower than the value of avoiding death

If you can keep people well or happy (like a naturopath or musician), that is a genuine endeavour, worthy of recognition and monetisation.

However, if you can prove that someone is less likely to die with a certain drug, it’s worth more.

Again it comes back to society and the ability to make money, but more than that it comes back to fear and a lack of trust that our body is designed to save our life and help us heal.

The secret is that our body IS designed to save our life and help us heal. 

Have you ever taken antibiotics and found that you took just as long to get better as if you didn’t take them? Unless the exact bacteria is present, the antibiotic isn’t necessarily a match, but no blood testing takes place to confirm a match. We just get handed the script … “in case”.

Doctors tell us that we need to take medicine to make sure that the healing occurs, often with products that cause side effects.

A consideration of how the mind and body work together to create an environment of health or dis-ease in us is not the regular language of the GP or specialist.

A case in point … my medical history in a nutshell 

My experience with the medical profession has been very mixed. Here’s what I learned the medical profession is able to help me successfully with:

  • safe natural delivery
  • elbow reconstruction

Here’s what they suggested that wasn’t a great idea:

  • remove a bone from my hand
  • take medication 24/7 for pain
  • have pain blocking injections in my hip
  • exercise a joint that was out of alignment without looking at alignment
  • take antihistamines
  • contraceptive methods (headaches and constant bleeding)
  • nasal reconstruction

Here are some conditions natural therapies have assisted me with either complete healing or far less disruptive improvement

  • chronic fatigue
  • allergies
  • IBS
  • RSI
  • asthma
  • SI joint failure

With the exception of my elbow reconstruction (which by the way took 18 months to correctly diagnose and over two years to treat) the medical profession in general is great for treating symptoms but not so great at determining causes.

Allied health professionals have been consistently far more able to determine root causality within me, address it and heal me.

So to me, the medical profession is a little like a primary school child who, having mastered their first 1000 words believes they know the entirety of the English language.

The denial of literally thousands of years of time tested ways to treat the body that rely on an understanding of the connection between body and spirit is one which it is time to call out and address for what it is, capitalism.

Be responsible in exploring medical and alternative solutions 

If you have a problem and you don’t like the medical solution, don’t ignore the doctors advice but don’t settle just for that one answer. See a second provider but also explore natural therapists. Go by recommendation, seek answers, go online and research possible alternatives.

Explore the possibility that your body is working to heal itself and your role is to find out how to create well being rather than fear in mind, body and spirit.

And listen to some music, it can only help.

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