get found online

Do you have your AAA Listing? Is your Social Media Platform properly set up? 

URL means Uniform Resource Locator. Sexy isn't it?  

URLs are your digital business card, your search engine result. The key to understanding the value of your URL is the term "Resource Locator". Here's why.

Your client is looking for a Resource to solve their problem, aren't they? Like a local hairdresser, an accountant, a cafe. So to be the 'resource' they find, you need to have your name easily found online.

You need your AAA listings secured in the new "phone book", your online search engine. 

There are two key factors -

OWN your URL (many platforms have funny letters or numbers that make it hard to be found) &

Have key identifying words about 'what you do' not 'who you are' prominent throughout your social media platform. 

We make sure you OWN your URL's and have the best content for your Facebook page, LinkedIn business page, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus or Instagram account for you.

Let's get you found!



  • Checking your URLs and what else is out there
  • Setting up your page properly
  • Making sure your page is a great ambassador for you
  • Creating / fixing your settings
  • Recommendations to grow your reach
  • Branding and content recommendations and training

Social Media Management Available

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Prices are per page, packages available for all pages.