Social Media Sales Funnel

How do I sell on Social Media? 

This is the Number ONE question we answer for clients everyday. 

Here are the basics of a funnel: 

You need more clients or LEADS

We help you get them. 



Did you say "NO!!"?? 

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all sales leads solution either, it depends on several factors. Let's work out your vital needs and help you MAXIMISE your return on investment first. 

We ensure you have organic growth possibilities, expert solutions, we double check and cross check with colleagues and the market and then provide AFFORDABLE, sustainable solutions such as: 

  • Mail chimp integration
  • Mail out campaigns
  • Email Templates
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Sales pages
  • Web based landing pages
  • Opt in Boxes
  • Pay Now Buttons  


  • Working out your 'lead magnet' or Value Added product
  • Facebook Ad Campaign
  • How to attach that to your event
  • Getting repeat business
  • Growing your database
  • Retargeted Marketing
Tailor Made Solutions
This is a custom solution tailored to your business and budget.