Laser Focussed Social Media

Social Media is all about Strategy

Who has time to post everyday on all the platforms?


BUT you get penalised using some scheduling tools, so what do you do?

Well let’s find out if you have the right platforms, then see how to flow the information through them to create maximum impact and buzz for you! 

Within our 1-2 hour session, we will go through your social media and answer your questions. You will receive a comprehensive answer on where you should be focussing your activity and what needs to be done to be the latest buzz online. 


Only $297

  • Checking your URLs and what else is out there
  • Making sure you have ALL online platforms needed
  • The quality of your content
  • Discussing the effectiveness of your current platform(s)
  • Tweaking your settings
  • Recommendations to grow your reach
Social Media Management Available

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This analysis is valuable for all business sizes.