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How a Broken Hand Heals my Soul

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It’s an interesting experience isn’t it, being suddenly unable to do something that you are usually able to do?

So there I was never having broken bone in my body rollerskating with my boys on a Saturday night. I was teaching a friend how to rollerskate and he overbalanced and landed on my leg. Being on skates we both did a spectacular slide up in the air and landed down on the rink with crunch. I put out my hand to protect me not realising that there would be a severe consequence.

I tried to stand up, felt dizzy and slipped back down. But being fairly philosophical I made it off the rank had a drink and then went for another skate for half an hour. I mainly felt pain on my leg but my hand started to blow up so I asked for an ice pack.

After sleeping with my hand on ice, using Arnica and a compression bandage I realised maybe something a little bit more serious was wrong. Apparently I’ve broken my scaphoid, one of the most difficult to heal bones in the body. If you going to do it, do it right!

I also didn’t realise that I had fainted for three minutes until I was told the next day so that might be something to ask if you do find that you have had a severe fall!

Creating a New Reality in the Face of Adversity

As a social media mentor, copywriter and platform creator only having one hand is more than a slight disadvantage! But I believe in life every experience is here to teach you new lessons so here are my reminders on how to deal with a tough situation.


It’s fair to say many people work in their business but not so much on their business. I was very busy but I was working in the business day to day and not as strategically as I could.

This pause has taking me away from that busyness and put me in the frame of mind to look at what’s important in life. It’s funny that when you can’t drive you suddenly realise how important it is and also the things you could be doing, should be doing and haven’t been doing!

Some of the ramifications of this realisation are – make sure you attend events regularly but not too regularly. When you do catch up with people make sure you follow through and take the next step. Use systems like a CRM to assist with time management and task management.

Aside from work, there is more to life!!!

This experience really has put me back to mind-body-spirit connection and how important having all areas covered really is. With the help of my business coach Julie Stuart Rose I’ve now set goals in the following areas of my life:

  • Love/relationship
  • Friendship
  • Environment
  • Health and fitness
  • Intellectual
  • Skill set
  • Spirituality
  • Career
  • Creativity
  • Family
  • Community

Getting Back on Track

I feel very privileged in that I have many leads and my bottleneck is fulfilment. Having one hand has made me prioritise better and it also made me look at automation tools. I’m making working with one hand as easy as I can!


Did you know for example that if you hit fn twice on the Mac keyboard you can have your very own dictation tool? I’ve been using that a lot and it works pretty well – I’m using it right now!

I’ve also taken the time to learn CRM integration properly so that now I have task management; contacts uploaded and email automation all flowing through for myself and for my clients.

When I am mobile again I’ll be more strategic about when I attend events. I also encourage people to come to me now; either in person or over Skype, which makes my workflow much much faster.

End goal focus

Some people say the first thing to consider when you start a business is to learn how to get out. While this can be a five or 10 year plan essentially you’ve created your business for a reason. Usually this reason is connected to lifestyle or income and creativity can also be a key goal.

Keeping sight of the things that gives your life balance, having those mind-body-spirit goals for all areas of your life outlined and part of your plan really does help to give you a sense of living now not in five or 10 years.

My end goal focus will also include redundancies. When I can’t achieve a particular task, I’ll be making sure I have backup!!


I’ve clarified my goals; I’m acting more strategically and creating a better balance in my life. Now how does this all relate to my role as a social media mentor and copywriter?

I’m blocking my diary out better, having more business-oriented conversations within a reasonable time frame and creating time for life outside work. I’m also thinking about the person I want to be in public, one of the reasons why I am writing this particular article.

I believe that being open about who you are, where you at, is how you find the ideal people to connect with.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this read and that you have taken away a little gem of a reminder of how things can change in a moment and where your focus in life should lie.

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